Salty Dog Studios - Established 1975

It all started whenā€¦

Built in 1927, the Salty Dog Building originally housed the Superior Biscuit Company. In 1975, five ceramic artists newly graduated from the UW ceramics program, moved in the building to set up a cooperative working studio. With much ingenuity and even more elbow grease, they eventually modified the sturdy old structure into working studios replete with community mixing and glazing areas, many assorted kilns, and a member's showroom for display. 

Over 40 years and 60 artists later, Salty Dog Studio is the oldest artists' cooperative still functioning in the Seattle area. Now in 2018, the Salty Dog houses 20 artists working in varied mediums. Two of the original founders, Ernest Hilsenberg and Gregory Federighi, still maintain their studios in the building today.