Sandra farmer

Exploring the uncomfortable introspection that comes from uncertainty about one’s place in the world. 



My work questions and explores the role of nurturer. I also have been investigating fear, identity, and choice. Figures reveal their uncomfortable introspections, mostly unsure of their roles while reluctantly accepting associated burdens. I use the figure for immediate recognition and to allow the viewer easier access, my goal is to connect to the viewer and get a response.

Clay is my chosen medium because of its dimensional honesty and tactile immediacy. I use mainly a coil/slab technique creating strength while allowing the figure to emerge accordingly. I prefer painting pieces with acrylic and powdered pigment instead of glaze. This method better accommodates my interest in subtle layering.


Sandra M. Farmer earned her BFA in Crafts with a focus in Ceramics and a Bachelor of Interdisplinary Studies in Pre-Art Therapy from Virginia Commonwealth University in 2002. Farmer focuses on figurative ceramics and mixed media. She has been teaching ceramics and art for the past 18 years at various studios and institutions including the Children’s Museum of Richmond,VA, The Seattle Art Museum, The Children’s Museum in Seattle, Pottery Northwest(Seattle, WA), Kirkland Arts Center(Kirkland, WA), Redmond Clay Studio (Redmond, WA) and Moshier Community Arts Center (Burien, WA) She has exhibited her work locally and nationally.